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2018 Winner:
Zoan BioMed Ltd

Congratulations to Zoan BioMed Ltd who were announced one of the winners in the Emerging New Business Category 2018

Zoan BioMed Ltd is a Galway based medical device start-up, specialising in bone healing and repair. The gold standard in orthopaedic trauma operations is autograft, use of which is in decline. This procedure requires a second operation, increasing the risk of infection, adding cost, and slowing healing times. Zoan has developed a natural bone replacement material, using tropical marine coral as the architects. The coral’s exoskeleton and interconnected pore structure mirrors that of human bone.

Pictured in the photograph are from (L-R) Sue O'Neill, Chair, SFA, Heather Humphreys,TD, Minister for Enterprise, Business and Innovation with Emerging New Business winners, Declan Clarke, Zoan BioMed, Sean David Curtin, CEO, IE Domain Registry, sponsor of the Emerging New Business category